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Pensioners next on Turnbull's robo-debt hit-list

19 May 2017
The Hon Linda Burney MP; The Hon Jenny Macklin MP
The Hon Linda Burney MP, Shadow Minister for Human Services, ALP Member for Barton; The Hon Jenny Macklin MP, Shadow Member for Families and Social Services, ALP Member for Jagajaga

The Turnbull Government’s disastrous robo-debt system will soon target aged pensioners according to the Department of Human Services.
From 1 July this year the deeply flawed robo-debt system will seek to recoup nearly $1 billion from the pockets of pensioners.
This means pensioners will likely be asked to provide documentation from up to 6 years ago if the automated robo-debt system determines they may have reported income incorrectly.
Make no mistake Malcolm Turnbull and Alan Tudge have pensioners in their sights.
Pensioners remember that the Liberals tried to cut the pension indexation in the 2014 Budget - a cut that would have left pensioners around $80 a week worse off over a decade.
Pensioners know Malcolm Turnbull wants to axe the Energy Supplement a cut of $365 every year from new pensioners.
Pensioners know Mr Turnbull still wants to increase the pension age to 70 - meaning that Australia will have the oldest pension age in the developed world.
They know the Liberal Party is the Party of pension cuts.
The deeply flawed debt recovery system has been the focus of a scathing Ombudsman review, outcry from community and legal groups, as well as criticism from Coalition Premiers and MP’s.
It is time for the Turnbull Government to admit that the Centrelink robo-debt is broken and suspend it until they find a fairer way to recoup debts.