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Tasmanians to get their say on Tudge's bungled robo-debt system

26 April 2017
The Hon Linda Burney MP
The Hon Linda Burney MP, Shadow Minister for Human Services, ALP Member for Barton

The senate inquiry into Alan Tudge’s bungled robo-debt system will hear first hand from Tasmanians over the next week as hearings are held in Hobart today and Launceston on Thursday.
The inquiry is expected to hear that despite Mr Tudge’s claims that the system is working well, it has actually been a disaster for the most vulnerable Tasmanians.
In fact, not a single witness to the inquiry so far who isn’t paid by the Department of Human Services (DHS) has endorsed this error prone system.
The Inquiry in Hobart will hear evidence from the Department, TasCOSS, Mission Australia as well as major debt collection contractors Dun & Bradstreet.
Tasmanians are expected to confirm what everyone from the Commonwealth Ombudsman to ACOSS and other community groups have been saying for months - the robo-debt system not just broken, it is hurting.
The Minister and the Department have denied for months that there is any problems at all but the evidence is mounting - there is something seriously wrong at Centrelink.
Mr Tudge should do his job and act to fix this deeply flawed system, that shouldn’t be too much for the community to ask.