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A statement regarding the Government bullying of Centrelink staff

18 January 2017
Andrew Wilkie MP
Andrew Wilkie MP Independent Member for Denison

Media reports that Centrelink staff are being bullied into silence ring true. There is no doubt that the Centrelink debt recovery program has reached the point of high farce, and I don’t doubt that both the Government, and by direction senior Centrelink management, are now pulling out all stops to try and silence the workers tasked with carrying out the program. 

No public servant should ever be required to support an immoral policy and the Government can hardly be surprised that quite a number of public servants are now speaking up. For the Government and Centrelink management to now be referring to the federal whistleblower framework and the Public Service Code of Conduct is further evidence that they just don’t get it because the debt recovery program is the problem, not Centrelink staff.

Full strength to the rank and file of the Australian Public Service who see the terrible injustice in this farcical situation. And woe betide any Australian government that takes disciplinary action or even jails a public servant for following their conscience.