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Denison MP Andrew Wilkie tables Bill to stop Centrelink recovering disputed debts

13 February 2017
Blair Richards
The Mercury

Independent Denison MP Andrew Wilkie has tabled a private members’ Bill to stop Centrelink making automatic deductions from payments made to people who were appealing debt notices.

Mr Wilkie said he was deeply concerned by Centrelink’s ability to cut payments while an appeal was underway.

“One of the most worrying aspects of this whole sorry Centrelink debacle is that some people who have been hit with a bogus debt have had their payments reduced straight away, even if they have lodged an appeal through Centrelink’s own review process,” Mr Wilkie said.

“While the Government should really shut down the entire debt recovery program, at the very least they should let people follow proper process and appeal a debt if they think it’s wrong, without that person being assumed guilty straight away.”