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Centrelink processes out in the open

31 January 2017
PS News

The Department of Human Services (DHS) and Centrelink remain in the public spotlight over their data-matching program despite clarifying the methodology of the program and the process for alerting clients of suspected debts.


Mr Jongen said media reporting of the process was “just wrong”.

“What the system does is generate a letter that tells welfare recipients we have information from the Australian Taxation Office about their earnings which is different to what is on their Centrelink payment records,” Mr Jongen said.

“This notice asks people to confirm or update their employment earning details. This is not a debt letter.”

In a coincidental turn of events however, PS News will have the chance to decide for themselves on the matter as the part-time editor of PS News, Frank Cassidy, is among the age pension recipients to receive a Centrelink notice and he intends sharing his experience dealing with the Agency with his readership.