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Shannon Moore hounded for $2500 debt after Centrelink error

20 January 2017
Conor Hickey
Hawksbury Gazette

Shannon Moore of East Kurrajong is still furious months after being threatened with legal action over a supposed $2500 Centrelink debt.

She was one of thousands stung by Centrelink’s highly criticised automated debt recovery system was rolled out late last year.

Adding insult to injury said Ms Moore, 22, was the fact that Federal politicians were being exposed for ripping off taxpayers for far more substantial amounts than she allegedly owed.

Ms Moore, an aged care worker and former university and TAFE student, said she was bullied by debt collection agency Dun and Bradstreet into repaying $2524 to Centrelink.

She said a sent by the company threatened legal action should she refuse to pay the amount.

Ms Moore claimed she did not owe the money, and had made repeated attempts with Centrelink to advise them of a change in her circumstances, which went ignored, and subsequently lead to her receiving the debt notice.