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Government Officials Reckon Centrelink's Shitty Debt System Is 100% Fine

3 January 2017
Cam Tyson
Pedestrian Daily

The above headline is true if you assume the sole purpose of Centrelink's much maligned automated debt recovery system is to mine unearned money from innocent people like an ageing mobster desperately clinging to old turf.

The welfare system, though grateful we all are that it exists, is a nightmarish MC Esher drawing of bureaucratic nonsense that barely works when it's functional, and apparently keeps all the working hours of a country post office.

That it's now been entrusted with an automated debt recovery system, which feeds ATO data into the Newstart system and spits out debt notices that are virtually incontestable unless you've kept pay slips from a decade ago, feels like the bureaucratic equivalent of getting a toddler fucked up on Red Bull and locking it in a room with a running chainsaw.