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Glenmore Park woman "sick with stress" over $35,000 Centrelink debt

26 January 2017
Krystyna Pollard
Penrith City Gazette

A Glenmore Park woman has described being sick with stress after Centrelink slapped her with a $35,000 debt bill, only to have it reduced to $173 a week later.

The woman, who is known to the Gazette but wishes to remain anonymous, was caught up in the controversial Centrelink crackdown on alleged overpayments earlier this month after being informed she owed the government agency $2,795.87, but was not told why.

After providing further financial information, she then received a Centrelink letter claiming she owed a whopping $35,147.16 just one week later.

The woman described being in tears and shaking as she repeatedly called both Centrelink and the Commonwealth Ombudsman about the debt.

On January 17 the woman was contacted by Centrelink and told she had in fact only been overpaid on three days six years ago, and the new debt was just $173.51.