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Coalition doubles the catch of Centrelink cheats

9 February 2017
Sharri Markson
Daily Telegraph

The Turnbull government says it is catching twice as many welfare cheats as Labor did in power, forcing those who lied to Centrelink to repay the extra money they took home.

With Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accusing the government of treating welfare ­recipients like “criminals”, the Turnbull government has ­revealed details of some of Australia’s 135,000 welfare cheats who lied to Centrelink.

Some welfare recipients had been hiding incomes of up to $100,000 from Centrelink.

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge accused Labor of letting cheats off the hook.

“Well in the past, they failed to do the proper checks and simply let people off the hook even when it was clear overpayments had been made.”

The Turnbull government has gone through welfare payments made under Labor to catch people deliberately ­defrauding the system.