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Centrelink office staff overworked and fearing for their safety

9 January 2017
Declan Rurenga
Central Western Daily

As Centrelink workers deal with the fallout of the controversial debt clawback letters, it’s been revealed staff in the Orange office often fear for their safety.


A man speaking on the condition of anonymity told the Central Western Daily staff had raised concerns about their safety when serving clients or walking to their cars after work.

He said staff were also struggling to deal with the amount of work demanded by Centrelink.

Community and Public Sector Union assistant national secretary Michael Tull said the 40 staff at Orange’s Centrelink office were under incredible pressure due to job and budget cuts which had bitten into the agency’s resources.

“There’s not enough staff to work on the existing demand, now this debt controversy, pension changes plus changes to Medicare processing means more work,” Mr Tull said.

“Customers want better service and staff want to deliver better service. What’s standing in the way is a government determined to cut public sector jobs.”