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Centrelink issues and debt collectors cause headaches for Geelong families

21 January 2017
Alex Sinnott
Geelong Advertiser

A Geelong man has slammed Centrelink for unnecessarily sending a debt collector to get back the $150 he was overpaid.

For two years in a row, Vin Georgelin has had to pay small amounts back to Centrelink under the family tax benefit provisions.

He said that this time debt collectors were used to inquire about the small, commonplace overpayment.

“The big question I have is Centrelink using debt collectors? I worked for Centrelink about 20 years ago and compliance was done inside the organisation,” Mr Georgelin said.

“If the Government is using outside debt collectors, then they may be getting only 70 per cent of the pie.

“It seems really unnecessary to me because I initially thought it was a hoax call. You still have to go through Centrelink anyway to work out whether it’s legitimate.”