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Human Services Minister Alan Tudge defiant over Centrelink debt debacle

11 January 2017

It was a defiant Human Services Minister Alan Tudge who fronted the media today for the first time since the Centrelink debt-recovery saga began.
Labor has called for the system to be suspended to prevent further stress and hardship, but Mr Tudge says that won't be happening because the debt recovery system is working as it should be.

Episode 08 - Not My Debt

7 January 2017
Well May We Say

For the first (unexpectedly more bumper than ever) episode back after the holiday break, Jeremy is joined by Lyndsey Jackson of notmydebt.com.au to discuss this government's war on the poor, in particular its attack on anyone who's ever used Centrelink.

Govt defends efforts to recoup overpaid Centrelink benefits despite wave of complaints

3 January 2017
ABC The World Today

The government's today defending its efforts to recoup the overpayment of Centrelink benefits to welfare recipients - saying the program's working well despite isolated complaints.
But the opposition says that doesn't tally with a wave of complaints flooding into politicians' offices across the country from angry and frustrated Centrelink clients who feel they've been duped.

Commonwealth defends Centrelink data matching bungle as working 'incredibly well'

3 January 2017

Minister for Social Services Christian Porter has kicked off 2017 by defending the new automated debt recovery process implemented by Centrelink, which has seen some letters demanding money repayment sent in error to welfare recipients.
Speaking on ABC RN Breakfast on Tuesday, Porter stated that of the 169,000 letters sent out to welfare recipients in Australia since the start of the financial year, only 276 complaints have been received by Centrelink -- a complaint rate running at 0.16 percent.


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