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I feel for everyone caught up in this scam

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Period debt occurred: 
January 2012
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Newstart Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes in process
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

Debt is my daughters. Its from 4 and 5 years ago. I am helping her in the appeal.
Already we know it will be reduced.
Don't give up people. Everyone should appeal. Sign every petition you can.
Write to Tudge And Porter asking Robo debt to be abolished.

We have uncovered a different name used for one of her employers, which in turn uncovered declared income that was classed as undeclared before.
Also uncovered an amount of benefit that was supposedly put in her account by centrelink but which she never received. Lucky she can prove she never received it by her bank statement.
We wouldn't of found any of this out if we didn't appeal.
We now have the joy of trying to round up some payslips from years ago.

This whole robo debt process has taken a massive amount of time in looking for and through paperwork, phone calls, etc and caused extreme stress, and anxiety.
My daughter has health issues and all this isn't helping.

I am so mad about it and I feel for everyone caught up in this scam.

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

Disgusted. They are treating centrelink recipients as criminals.
They should be totally ashamed of their lying behaviour.
They are bullies and are intent on destroying the lives of some of its poorest and most disadvantaged people, and are trying to destroy the welfare system. They have no compassion.
To me it all seems illegal and abusive. They are robbing innocent people of money they don't even owe.
I feel as if my daughter has been abused by a government that doesn't care.